AGM and Members Meeting 25th October 2012 booking now closed

Bookings are now closed for the AGM and Members meeting.  Approximately 50 touring scheme and associate members will be at The Public West Bromwich for discussion and debate. 
For some it will be a chance to catch up with old friends, for many it will be the first time they have been to an NRTF meeting.

We have some special guests Ed and Paul from China Plate will join us to talk about New Directions and how we follow up our conversations with showcased artists; Ivan Wadeson from Audiences Agency will join us to talk about the audience focus fund and data gathering and analysis and Chris Hodgkins from Jazz Services will be there to introduce us to the two successful jazz bands who will be available for rural touring thanks to the Jazz Services and NRTF partnership. 
Contact Theatre will run a session to help with marketing the Country boys Struggle tour and to look at working with Young Promoters and there are plenty of other small group discussions taking place in the afternoon.

The public itself has an amazing exhibition of interactive digital art, which is well worth a visit.  There will be tables and display space for those wishing to bring leaflets or other information.

Some people are going on to see EAT which is at The Roundhouse in Birmingham at 5.30 and some are staying over in Birmingham and going to the 8.00 performance.  The performance takes place outside, in a court yard.  I have been asked to advise you to wear warm clothes and sensible shoes!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to The Public. If you are unable to come along this time, we hope very much to see you at an NRTF event in the future.



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