New Directions Showcase Festival 2012 feedback

The NRTF showcase event New Directions was a great success attracting 44 touring scheme representatives.  NRTF offers voluntary promoter bursaries and the majority of the touring schemes bought one or more voluntary promoters along with them. In total 32 voluntary promoters attended the 2 day event and feedback so far has been very positive.

Joanne Lole (Warwickshire): “I was totally enthralled by all of the professional performances…and impressed with the diverse collection of theatre; the one man performance from Inua Ellam was beautifully poetic in word and motion whilst the vividly portrayed tale of The Bloody Ballad was both disturbing and riveting. I eagerly await the opportunity to see the [full] performances, particularly the talented cheeky Ponydancers...”

Alison Miller (Derbyshire): “I felt transported into another world which thrives on imagination, inspiration and ‘oozes’ confidence. From the moment the event began, it struck me how friendly everyone was. People were willing to share their experiences whether they be arts directors, promoters or on the production side. Overall I saw the two day event as a huge learning opportunity for all involved.”

Richard Benfield (Derbyshire): “This showcase event has definitely broadened my outlook for bringing professional shows to our village. I can now propose to our committee a more diverse type of performance plus the prospect of using alternative spaces around the parish. Doing this brings extra risk but I am hoping that the scheme providers can assist with this.”

A full evaluation of the project is underway and results will be posted in due course but in the mean time Live & Local published a lovely blog that sums it all up very well.


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