New website undergoing testing

NRTF's touring scheme board members have been asked to test the site.  Some things are working really well, some are still not quite right.  I am really pleased tho by the comments that I have received so far on the look and feel ot the public face of the site.  Members seem to find it easy to navigate.  There is still some way to go but we are getting there. Supercool Design are doing a great job.


  • Alice Porter


    I am not quite sure how to add a picture to these latest news items?

  • petergregory



    its working better

  • Cartoon de Salvo

    Cartoon de Salvo


    Had a play today all working great.  Updated pretend tour dates and photos all fine - very impressed.  Not spotted a single glitch.  Well done!

  • Alice Porter


    Thanks so much Alex - really good testing.  Cheers Alice

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