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Daniel John Martin AKA DJM was born in Congleton, Cheshire. He grew up in Africa and mainly in Johannesburg SA until the age of 14 when he joined his father in Paris. As a teen he attended Parisian conservatories and soon met up the swinging violin of Stéphane Grappelli.
His encounter with Didier Lockwood started him studying under his guidance for a while. He then created the “Onztet de VIolons Jazz” (Jazz violin 11tet) and they recorded and toured with Didier under the patronage of Stéphane Grappelli.
His career has been dedicated to jazz and his interest in the Django/Grappelli era has led him onto being recognized today as one of the leading violinists in the style.
In 2019 his is invited to play and teach in the United States alongside renowned jazz guitarist “Romane” with whom he is bringing out a new recording of personal compositions. He is currently mixing a new album alongside gypsy guitarist “Mayo Hubert” of a collection of standards in the style.
Daniel tours the UK at least twice a year. In 2018 he came with Romane to play at the Liverpool Philharmonic and London Soho’s “Pizza Express” where they enjoyed full house on both occasions.
When he comes to play in England, DJM is joined by different local teams.
He plays alongside Gary Potter, Micky Dunne, Karl Webb amongst others in the Northwest. When in the Newcastle area he is joined by Mick Shoulder’s “Swing Manouche”. In 2019 he will create a new team in the south and Wales with Caley Groves amongst others.
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