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Emily Burridge virtuoso 'cellist & composer


“Fascinating and unique” – The Musician
“Spellbinding innovative performance” – Nexus
“Music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits” – European Progressive Music
Emily Burridge is a virtuoso cellist who has a reputation for crossing genres of music as a performer, arranger and composer.
Over the last twenty five years she has contributed to numerous album productions as a session musician and as a guest performing with bands with a long list of credits to her name.
As a performer she integrates looping pedals which enables her to create multi tracked pieces live which she does as a soloist as well as in her duo ensembles ‘Incandescendo’ and with acclaimed pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole.
She has produced five album productions of her own and her music is used for films and documentaries.

Depending on current programming at your venue and your preference on my solo cello concert programs detailed here:
‘Bach & music from Out of the Blue’ concert program includes a Bach suite (currently either; G major, C major or D minor) and the second half of the concert includes a series of compositions in which through utilising looping pedals operated with my feet I ‘multi track’ and record harmonies and recreate a series of compositions from my ‘Out of the Blue’ series.  The following link takes you to a designated page on my web site giving a full description of the production and includes videos and recordings from previous concerts
“Clever use of technology allows her to create multi-tracked pieces in a live setting which segue in and out of the familiar classical repertoire into her own dreamy creations… “
Another option for the program is to incorporate my production ‘Into the Amazon’, a twenty –five minute piece in which I integrate my field recordings of a tribal group in Brazil and recordings of their forest environment brought back from the times when I have lived and worked with the community. It is a musical adventure in the day of a tribal village from dawn to dusk and is a wonderful way to further an awareness of tribal people in the Amazon through the vehicle of a concert.

Alternative performance production available for touring INCANDESCENDO – Latin grooves & dolce tunes
“A Musical Kaleidoscope of World, Classical, Folk and free Jazz”
Inspired by England and Brazil
Emily with her ‘cello and looping pedals and Felix with his array of percussion instruments and guitar create a unique and dynamic sound. Their music is very much inspired by their love of people, nature, the English countryside and a special affection for Brazil where they both spent many years.
In performance using modern sampling technology they expand their compositions vertically as well as horizontally creating exciting multi-tracked pieces which spin out a web of intricate harmonies with memorable melodies and embellished by some dazzling displays of improvisation.

Their concert program includes an array of completely new works for ‘cello, percussion and guitar and their arrangements of Brazilian Classical and Popular music.
With their cabaret approach they promise to make you smile and maybe you’ll be driven to dance as they transport you with seductive melodies and toe tapping beats and their own mellow and melodic take on joyful Brazilian music.

Emily Burridge & the acclaimed pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole - duos for pedal steel guitar and cello . As a duo we have previously enjoyed the experience of rural touring in Nottingham, Lincolnshire & Leicester
“Music is not meant to be static, real music takes flight; it is an expression both within and outside time. Few musicians appreciate this as much as BJ Cole and Emily Burridge. When they perform established pieces of music they don’t just recite them; their interpretations have the all important extras: poignancy, conviction and weight”. In working together we have created an eclectic repertoire for our concert program including a classical/jazz interpretation of Henry Purcell’s Dido, “Appalachian Spring” by Aaron Copeland, “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy. As well as arrangements of standards including ‘Cry me a River’ by Arthur Hamilton and have established a strong reputation with our unique musical interpretations .
Live recordings, videos and further information available at the following link:

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9th October 2014

"Bach, Burridge & Into the Amazon" Calne Festival of Arts & Music    

Emily Burridge “Bach, Burridge & Into the Amazon” Calne Festival of Arts & Music 09/10/14

1st September 2014

The production Bach, Burridge & Into the Amazon brings together Emily’s classical foundations, her compositional and improvisational abilities and her commitment to share through music her Amazonian experiences.…

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