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New Outdoor Show from Mumbo-Jumbo for Summer 2019

5th October 2018

Experienced Rural Tourers Mumbo-Jumbo have launched a new outdoor show for 2019 called 'Mumbo-Jumbo's Little Blue Bus'. In a nutshell you get the close harmony singer-songwriting multi-instrumentalist trio turning up…

Simple Ways to Improve Village Hall Acousticsticstics by Adam Naylor

11th June 2018

Adam Naylor, sound engineer with regular rural tourers Mumbo-Jumbo, has put together some simple practical ideas for improving the acoustics in village hall. After playing 50+ over the last three years…

Library Show from Men in General

6th December 2017

Men in General has just completed its first library show for 'The Library Presents....' in Cambridgeshire and we now have a 'library focussed show' available. A-cappella singing…

A big THANKYOU from Mumbo-Jumbo

24th October 2017

We'd just like to say a massive thankyou to RT schemes Live & Local, Arts Out West, Air in G, Rural Art Wiltshire and Live Borders for all the…

Men in General - a cappella quadruplets - Back on the Road

11th August 2017

Seasoned Rural Touring specialist Men in General is back on the road. Led by Adrian Mealing, Men in General features members of the Singing Sous Chefs (UK), The Spooky Men'…

The Village Hall Song by Mumbo-Jumbo

7th March 2017

To celebrate all that is wonderful, and strange and lovely about Rural Touring, Mumbo-Jumbo has written a song about it - please take a moment to enjoy the song and…

Pay What You Think Its Worth - Happy to Share Our Experience

21st September 2016

We'd like to share our experience of trying the 'Pay What You Think Its Worth' model in village halls. If you'd like to see our report then please…

Oliver Carpenter of Mumbo-Jumbo Shortlisted in the British Blues Awards 2016

6th June 2016

Oliver Carpenter of Mumbo-Jumbo - currently touring with Arts Out West and Live & Local - has been shortlisted in the British Blues Awards 2016 in the 'Instrumental Other' category .... much…

New album ‘Sonic Gumbo’ - available to touring schemes

19th February 2016

If you'd like some new listening then we'd love to send you a copy of the new (second) Mumbo-Jumbo album 'Sonic Gumbo' so you can hear what…