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Tashi Lhunpo Monastery


Confirmed as festival favourites, the Tibetan monks bring an insight into the world of Tibetan music and sacred dance which moves and inspires audiences.  From the contemplative, mesmerising chant of Buddhist texts to the swirling costumed masked dances, ancient instruments from the Tibetan Tantric tradition are used: horns and trumpets made from human leg bones and skull-drums, while the shattering sound of the majestic dungchen or long horns is accompanied by cymbals, bells and drums, evoking the atmosphere of sacred Tibet and an experience of an ancient culture accessible to all.

The monks have played to capacity audiences in theatres, arts centres and festivals throughout Europe during the last ten years.  Highlights include Glastonbury Festival (2002), Manchester Arena (2012),  The Deloitte Ignite Festival in The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2010, 2014 and 2018), Cheltenham Music Festival, and London’s South Bank.  They also regularly tour with rural touring networks throughout the UK and have worked extensively in Scotland, and offer workshops and exhibitions in addition to performances.  In Europe they have toured in Germany, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Spain and Portugal and the BAltic States. 

The monks have recorded five CDs and a DVD of the construction of a sand mandala with the Mitrukpa Mantra and tantric chant.  In 2014 the first ever ‘greatest hits’ album of Tibetan music was issued.  ’17 Golden Greats’ features new recordings as well as favourite tracks from previous albums recorded in the monastery in South India.

PASSPORT TO TIBET - 2003 (Soundtrack recordings)
POWER OF PRAYER: Sacred music and mantras from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery - 2006
FROM DAWN TILL DUSK: a progression of chants and prayers from morning to evening.
TIME OF THE SKELETON LORDS:  Prayers for the soul between death and rebirth.
WISDOM AND INSIGHT:  Tashi Lhunpo Monastery’s celebration of forty years since its re-establishment in exile.  (2012)
17 GOLDEN GREATS:  Favourite chants from the monastery’s previous albums, as well as seven specially recorded tracks. (2014)

MITRUKPA SAND MANDALA (72 mins):  A time-lapse film of the construction of a Mitrukpa (Long Life) sand mandala, with real-time destruction ceremony. (2004)

THE POWER OF COMPASSION (90 mins):  The masked dance and chant programme presented by the monks.

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