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The Embers Collective


The Embers Collective is a London based storytelling and live music collective. Formed by three friends; a writer, an actor and a musician who wanted to put on events with a focus on community, and driven by a passion for the art of sharing stories.

Our events bring audiences together through the exploration of myths and folklore from all over the world. Each of our stories is accompanied by a live, professional multi-instrumentalist whose soundscapes take listeners on a journey. Each night is set to a theme, from which we choose stories and songs from all over the world. Some previous themes have included Women Warriors; The Hero’s Saga; Midwinter Tales; A Night of Mischief, Love, Lust & Betrayal. We have performed in many venues across London including Sutton House, The Vaults Waterloo, The Village Butty, Balabam. Last summer we put on shows at Wilderness, Shambala and Meadows in The Mountains Festivals.

‘You guys were just pure magic I’m in love ! Thank you.’ 
‘This was a lot of fun, tears and laughter’
‘Definitely one of the highlights of Shambala this year! Thank you guys!’

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