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With its roots in the rolling South Shropshire hills, Whalebone’s music is infused with the landscape and the lives that inhabit it.

“Elemental force… expressively beautiful…” Folkwords

Taking its cue from the Celtic Folk music of the British Isles, interwoven with strands of rock, Americana and Eastern European tradition, the trio’s music is impossible to classify. Music that does not fit into a comfortable box, eclecticism defined, a unique and vibrant mix.

“..delightfully and defiantly guilty of trespass across musical borders…” Instrumentali Musicali

The desire to create sonic imagery without the need for words has long been a feature of Whalebone’s writing, combining melodies and harmonies to create a sense of place, evoking the intangible beauty and mystery of life. Rooted connectedness between location and music finds expression in their performances and recordings.

Formed in 2005, the trio comprises of Steve Downs (Guitar, Mandolin), Charlotte Watson (Guitar, Bouzouki) and Sarah Ibberson (Fiddle), though it’s the interplay between them that makes their craft a living, breathing entity, delivering music that’s sensitively serious, delicately defined, cleverly constructed and utterly original. Past accolades have included runner-up FATEA Instrumental album of the year, CKUA Top 10 album of the year, Penguin Eggs critics choice for top 10 albums of 2013 and 2016.

Whalebone is passionate about rural touring and taking their music into communities, engaging with audiences and creating connections.

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