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Annual Review - artists

23rd May 2019

Hello, other than contractual /freelance staff - ther eis nowhere to enter artists worked with. I am assuming they do not fit into this either and so would I be…

NPO schemes

15th May 2018

Hello All, for those who have been collecting data for the ACE annual review for years... would you be kind enought ot send me a copy of your Diversity monitoring…

Inn Crowd offer to schemes in England

13th April 2018

We are delighted to offer an opportunity for schemes to book Inn Crowd performances at a subsidized rate. For more information see the attached files. 

NPO question

6th January 2017

Wondering if all schemes are listing postcodes in the touring schedule part? I have done in the past for ST and GFTA but am always tempted to just put local…

‘OPEN GROUND’  Applause Outdoors 2017 commission/award brief for artists

30th August 2016

‘Open Ground’ - Applause Outdoors 2017 Invitation to Companies / Artists to apply for an ‘Open Ground’ commission or Development Award In summer 2017, Applause Rural Touring will be…

Two exciting jobs opportunities at Applause Rural Touring

30th August 2016

Applause has TWO exciting job opportunities for professionals to join the team at a time of ambitious growth for the organisation. Touring Officer (permanent) £18,500 - £20,000 per annum depending…

H&S policy

12th April 2016

Hi All, The first scheme to send me their H&S policy recieves a big cheer in our office Thanks if you dont mind sharing. Dawn

Is anyone currently applying to LEADER?

6th April 2016

Applause Outdoors 2014 Invitation to Companies / Artists

8th October 2013

In summer 2014, Applause Rural Touring will be programming outdoor performances into existing, locally-organised village fetes, community festivals and similar events in Sussex and Kent.  These events take place almost…