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Mario Morris is a worldwide traveler, magician public speaker, and a freedom life coach. He has won national awards, receives invitations from around the world to perform shows, train and coach creatively minded entrepreneurs and performers. Mario is the founder of the School of Busking and has taught students around the world the keys to living the life of freedom, how to make a living doing what you love, self-confidence and self-development. Since 2010 Mario has partnered with the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas to bring his focus to the best in the world, working with those seeking the best training they can receive. He has been a keynote speaker at prestigious events for celebrities, magicians, public speakers and corporate events from the UK, USA, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, and has performed his show in 27 different countries. In 2017 Oxford Brookes Universty awarded him a level seven certificate for his Coaching and Mentoring practice. With a passion for a global life of freedom and travel Mario is an expert dream catcher coach, speaker, and performer. He travels and performs with his magic partner and wife Lady Vee and together they create magical moments through their performances. They are specialise in outdoor entertainmentioned and provide magical rolling programs for events up and down the country.  They are often rebooked to provide their magical performances to events.

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