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My Sweet Patootie embraces the fun that makes live music so intoxicating. With a sly wink and a grin, they draw you into a world of carnival barkers and nostalgic romantics, making you feel like you’re a part of it all. Shades of vintage swing, country blues, folk, and ragtime collide in an uplifting vaudeville-style show performed with tight vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, and humorous storytelling. It’s a unique musical experience that transcends the borders of the acoustic-roots genre, promising to entertain music lovers of all kinds.

This dynamic trio features Canadian Folk Music Award winners singer-violinist Sandra Swannell and singer Terry Young who’s fingerstyle guitar work functions simultaneously as the group’s guitar and bass. The tasteful brushwork of percussionists Paul Clifford (North America) and John Jackson (UK) perfectly complements their music and makes their show adaptable to any size performance space.

“With their arsenal of instrumental virtuosity combined with alternating humour and sincerity and unflagging energy, they filled the hall with joy.”  Meaford Live Music

Since 2007 My Sweet Patootie has been bringing communities together through positive and engaging performances with an emphasis on entertainment and family-friendly fun. The band has released 4 full-length albums and tours regularly across Canada and USA. In autumn 2018 they return to the UK for their eighth tour, running from late August to early October.

The band’s name “My Sweet Patootie” is 1920’s slang, a term of endearment from North America meaning “hot dame” or “sassy sweetheart”. It captures the vintage flavour of the band’s music and the satirical edge in much of their songwriting. Several ragtime titles from the jazz-age reference the expression, as do the lyrics of “Everybody Loves My Baby” (1924) by Spencer Williams and Jack Palmer. More significantly for Young and Swannell is “Sweet Patootie Blues” (1928) by Arthur “Blind” Blake, who was well known for his complex and intricate finger picking.

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