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Tell Tale Tusk


Tell Tale Tusk are a contemporary-folk ensemble
reimagining folktales old and giving light to folktales new.

Spellbinding (...and award-winning) three-part vocal harmonies weave around melodious instrumentals to create a take on folk that is bold and original. As well as inventive interpreters and skillful arrangers of music from the British Isles, the ensemble are prolific writers, adding their distinctive and astute voices to modern day folksong.
Their traditional songs are carefully chosen to portray and represent women in more assertive roles and their original material aims to change and diversity the narratives about the female experiences usually found in folk music.

The ensemble has grown and developed together over the years, emerging first as an a Capella trio, before collecting a fiddle player and setting hands upon new instruments to explore and expand their palette. Since December 2017, the group have been collaborating with local cellists in order to round out their sound and delve deeper in the possibilities of groove and harmony.
Their highly collaborative process and different musical backgrounds are what informs the diverse styles and varied sounds that can be heard within their music.

The singers of Tell Tale Tusk have captured the imagination of international audiences, and were awarded the prize for “Best Instrumentalist” at Haizetara festival in Spain. The panel of judges decided to treat the three voices as one instrument based on their “seamless voice blending” and intricate harmony writing.

“Full of creativity, lyricism, irony, and personality.”
Ainara Ortega - Judge and President of Haizetera Festival

“Clever, witty and deep”
DJ Ritu on ‘A World In London’ – Resonance FM

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