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ArtERY live & LiveLincs


We are a fun-loving bunch here at Blaize and are thrilled to see rural communities THRIVE through involvement in the arts.
We manage rural touring with LiveLincs (North Lincolnshire) and ArtERY Live (East Yorkshire) and work very hard to make sure our programme is fizzing with energy.

We programme in the Autumn and Spring for the schemes we manage. We realise that, due to the great British weather, the months between October and May can a bit dreary and dull. We can't fight Mother Nature but we can invite people in rural communities in out of the cold and offer them inspiring, thought-provoking and exciting events to keep their spirits up.

Live music, theatre, comedy and dance, are just a few of the events we’ve included this season, leaving audiences absolutely spellbound. We spend a lot of time choosing a variety of events to showcase and always try to programme shows that are a little bit different.

Blaize receives finacial support from the National Lottery through ACE and in additonal LiveLincs is supported by North Lincolnshire Council.  We are grateful to all our volunteer promoters for their hard work in making events happen and all the promotional work they do to make great art accessible in out of the way places in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.

Note to companies: our team is small and apologies in advance but we do not have time to reply to all the mail, both postal and electronic received.

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NOW SHOWING! Dance Across the North video!

6th March 2017

We did it! We spread our love of dance right across the north of England! We danced through living rooms and village halls, market squares and shopping centres. We worked…