Board Member Papers

National Rural Touring Forum Board (Trustee) Membership

1. Introduction
The National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF) represents a number of mainly rural touring schemes and rural arts development agencies, principally across England, that aim to help local people to promote high quality, professional arts events and experiences in rural and other community venues.

The organisation became formally constituted in 1997 and is a registered charity as well as a company limited by guarantee.  NRTF became an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation in 2012.

The NRTF is governed by its members through a voluntary Board of management elected annually at the AGM. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 Board members (Trustees) must be elected by and from the full membership. In addition, the Board can co-opt up to 3 persons, who need not be members of the organisation but who are deemed specialists.
All Board members, whether full or co-opted have full voting rights.

Ordinary General Meetings are held quarterly and must take place in fully accessible venues, except where all potential participants are known to have no specific access needs.  Meetings are organised with due regard to geographical location, taking into account the likely constituency of participants, the fact that NRTF is a UK national organisation and accessibility by public transport. Regular meetings should rotate venue except where a single venue mutually acceptable to all can be identified. Currently meetings are held in Birmingham.

NRTF is currently seeking to co-opt a treaurer to the board - please see downloads to the right for further details.

If you are interested in becoming co-opted to the NRTF board in the role of treasurer - please contact  and complete the Expression of Interest form to the right.