Promoter Don’t Panic Pack

Promoter Don’t Panic Pack (adapted from Villages in Action’s own Pack)
Many thanks to Villages in Action for their original version written by Jill Greig and also to our NRTF promoter reps Janet Ollier and Barbara Tremewan for their input and advice.

To make this pack simpler we have assumed several things:

• You are a novice promoter – but there is something in this Pack for everyone  the learning never stops!
• You are promoting a one-night, small-scale, professional touring performance 
• This Pack should also be useful if you are running any public event
• Your touring scheme will have the answers to most things - do ask questions, however basic they may seem. 
• Ask a question on the NRTF website discussion forums you can get advice from the growing network of NRTF promoter members across the country sign up to this network via your touring scheme or join as an individual associate member.