Contact Theatre Partnership 2012 - 2016

With the completion of Jackie Hagan's show, 'Some People Have Too Many Legs', the third tour in partnership with Contact Theatre, the NRTF will be reviewing the relationship with a view to planning next steps.

Since 2012 the NRTF and Contact Theatre have been working with rural touring schemes across England, Wales and Scotland to develop solo shows aimed at young audiences through the development of a young promoter network. This started with Maxwell Golden's Countryboy's Struggle in 2012/13, continued with Sophie Willan's The Novice Detective in 2013/2014 and comes to completion with Jackie Hagan's show in June 2015.

We are grateful that the project has been made possible through two Arts Council England Strategic Touring grants and, as part of the project, an evaluation report will mark the end of this phase of the relationship in June 2015.

It has undoubtably been a rich and eventful project and the partners have shown the necessary flexibility to enable all tours to take place within the best of circumstances. Making a new young promoter network a reality has been challenging and we maintain a commitment to the idea as a critical pre-requisite to the involvement of young people in both the promotion and the enjoyment of live performance. In this sense the idea mirrors that of the volunteer rural promoter network that underpins rural touring.

The relationship between the NRTF and Contact demonstrates that a joint artistic and creative vision is far more important than the apparent difference between two organisations with such a clear and distinct rural and urban bias.