Decibel Village Hall Project

Since members first attended in 2007, the National Rural Touring Forum has built a close relationship with the decibel Performing Arts Showcase. So much so that the umbrella body, which represents rural and community touring schemes in England and Wales, has established a bursary scheme for rural promoters to attend the event and in 2009 held its AGM during Showcase in Manchester. In 2011 21 promoters and touring scheme managers attended decibel, assisted by bursaries provided by NRTF and Arts Council, England.

NRTF has the following aims for its decibel Village Hall project:

  • To improve voluntary promoter confidence in booking a diverse programme of work
  • To raise the profile of rural touring at the decibel Festival
  • To see the growth of more diverse and interesting work on the rural touring circuit.

4 bursaries of £400 awarded to enable a scheme manager and a voluntary promoter to attend decibel.

Rural Arts North Yorkshire – Jo Thorne and Rick Havely

Take Art in Somerset – Sarah Peterkin and Nicki Davey

Arts Alive in Shropshire and Herefordshire – Sian Kerry and Andrew Herbert and Cait Leach

Arts Out West in Cumbria – Bob Pritchard and Liz Sarginson

In addition NRTF awarded 2 go and see grants of £200 each:

Arts in rural Gloucestershire – Ed O’Driscoll

Highlights North Pennines – Barbara Slack

Arts Council England also awarded 10 free registrations making an in kind contribution of £1,000.

On average participants saw or took part in 12 shows or events.

Participants were looking to see new diverse work and to make new contacts

Did the event live up to their expectations?  Yes very much so.