NRTF 2019 Conference

Welcome to NRTF 2019 Conference
Hi-Vis: Value, Impact & Success of Rural Touring
2nd – 4th July 2019 Pontio Centre, Bangor, Wales.

The conference will be a mix of conference sessions and showcasing with the theme of the value of Rural Touring. This is a conference for Schemes, Promoters and Artists of the Rural Touring sector. #HiVisRuralTouring

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CYNHADLEDD NRTF 2019 ! Hi-Vis: Gwerth, Effaith a Llwyddiant Teithio Gwledig
Croeso i gynhadledd NRTF 2019
2il – 4ydd Gorffennaf 2019 Canolfan Pontio, Bangor, Cymru

Bydd y cynhadledd yn gymysgedd o sesiynau cynhadledd ac arddangosfeydd gyda’r thema o gwerth Teithio Gwledig.
Cynhadledd ar gyfer Cynlluniau, Hyrwyddwyr ac Artistiaid y Sector Teithio Gwledig yw hon #HiVisRuralTouring

Mwy o wybodaeth a chostau i ddilyn.
Yn y cyfamser Cadwch y Dyddiad !


NRTF Hi-Vis Conference Member Tickets ON SALE [Non member tickets on sale 25 May 2019]

We're thrilled to announce tickets to this years conference 'HiVis: Value, Impact and Success of Rural Touring' are now on sale to NRTF members... and we've gone digital!

To find out what is on and to buy tickets read on for instructions on how to download the 'Attendify App' or follow this link - 

You can also buy tickets by scrolling to the bottom of this page.


It has a timetable of speakers, sessions and showcases currently, but more going up every day!

Get the APP > on your phone go to your App Store. Search for Attendify – download it.
It will ask you to search for an event – put in > Hi-Vis 2019 and you will find the conference.
Go to the top left 3 lines on the App screen, and you will see the schedule, speakers, artists, supporter’s information, news, social media links etc. or swipe across people joined to see delegate profiles. You can buy your ticket via the App.

The App enables delegates to interact with us and each other in the run up to, and during to the conference. You can upload information and share thoughts, ask questions about sessions, before, during and after the conference.

We are aiming to be as paperless a conference as possible, however print outs will be available on request and in large print too.

If you don't have a smartphone you can use this web link to buy tickets on your computer here -


You will see that some tickets say FREE, they're not.. use these if you can't pay online or with a Cash/Credit Card. Using this ticket will get you an invoice sent for BACS payments. All tickets will be automatically sent a receipt once paid. Only one ticket can be bought at a time.

We have slightly limited tickets this year due to accommodation numbers so want all our members to book early. There are a few twin rooms available.

You can apply for bursaries for up to 50% of ticket price here - . Grant deadline no.1 is 26th April 2019 at 5pm, Grant deadline no.2 is 24 May 2019, so you will find out the following week if successful. Grants for scheme staff and voluntary promoters need to be applied for by schemes.


Any questions please ask!