National Rural Touring Awards 2019

National Rural Touring Awards celebrate the breadth, passion and professionalism prevalent in the rural touring sector. The awards recognise the quality of the arts, the promoters, venues and wider industry. It is our opportunity to draw attention to the quality of performance and performing companies as well as to collaborations and the network of individuals who go above and beyond on behalf of the health and cohesion of their local community. The awards reward not just the winners but everyone who has performed, organised and taken part in Rural Arts & Touring.

You are invited to vote for what has stood out for you in rural touring last year in 2018!


It is now over the NRTF to create a short list then to our Judges to decide the winner. Good luck to all those who have been entered.

Awards Judges

Jude Henderson, Director - Federation of Scottish Theatres

Ian McMillan - poet, journalist, playwright, and broadcaster

Kate Green, Editor - Country Life Magazine





NRTF are searching for examples of the best productions, best people and the best events that have taken place across the country.

Award Categories (click through to nominate) -
Breakthrough Performance of the Year
Touring Scheme Collaboration of the Year
Favourite Performance of the Year – best show you saw
Voluntary Promoter or Voluntary Promoting Group of the Year
Young Person of the Year
The NRTF Special Award

Schedule -
 20 May  5pm Nominations Deadline
 12 June  Shortlisted nominees Announced
 3 July   Winners Announced at NRTF Conference Award Ceremony, Bangor, Wales

Rural Touring Award nominations need to be activity that has taken place in 2018.

Once the nomination window closes, a shortlist for each category will be drawn up by an NRTF panel. These shortlists are then sent to our independent judging panel who will decide the winners.

In all categories we're looking for examples of excellence. What made a show really stand out? What makes a person truly special? We'd like to highlight how creative, innovative and diverse the world of rural touring is. So, think about productions that have done something new. Tell us surprising stories about individual efforts. Share moments that were game-changing for you, or your audience, or your company, or your hall.

Here are your categories -

Breakthrough Performance of the Year
This is for a performance that has successfully pushed the boundaries of rural touring. Has a production, a tour, writer or performer supported change in the direction or the ecology of rural arts?
 What was it about it that made the difference or made the performance stand out?
 How did it change your view of rural touring?
 What contribution has it made towards a positive change?

Nominate now:

Touring Scheme Collaboration of the Year
We'd like to celebrate some of the brilliant and innovative partnerships that take place in rural touring. This award will be won by the collaborative partner(s). The award is about highlighting how touring schemes are breaking new ground and forging new relationships in order to keep our sector thriving, future-focused and resilient. What project or partnership has happened recently that you are particularly proud of?
 It could be a creative project; for example, commissioning a company to make a new piece of work.
 It could be something that relates to audience development, for example, working with an organisation to improve access for people with a disability.
 It could be a pilot scheme run with a local authority to reach young people in rural areas.
 It could be a fundraising success or sponsorship deal that resulted in a boost in profile and coverage.

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Favourite Performance of the Year
This is the Best Show award; What did you see and love? It could be work in any genre that is an example of excellent production values, high-quality work, great storytelling, super performances and something that made the show unique.
 What was distinctive about it?
 How did it engage the audience?
 What new ideas was it trying?
 What did it feel like to experience?

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Voluntary Promoter or Group of the Year
All our promoters are terrific. Volunteer promoters are a big part of what make rural touring so special. This award is to acknowledge an individual or a committee who, in the last year, have done something that really sets them apart. Think about someone who has really gone the extra mile.
 They could have programmed some new kinds of companies or productions, introducing new ideas into the hall.
 Perhaps they've spearheaded a fundraising campaign to improve access for audience members.
 Did they pioneer post-show discussions or other ways to engage more fully with shows.
 Whatever it is, tell us in detail why they deserve to win this award right now.

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Young Person of the Year
This award is designed to acknowledge the growing enthusiasm for rural touring amongst the younger generation. It could be an individual or a group of young people. Maybe there's a Young Promoter or a Young Promoter Group that have done brilliantly this year? We're looking for examples of anyone under the age of 26 who is pro-actively engaging with rural touring activity and probably someone who will have a positive impact on rural touring in the future.
 It could be a young artist, perhaps a writer, performer, producer or designer who has created a superb show.
 It could be someone who works in rural touring, professionally or as a volunteer, who is really committed to the sector.

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The NRTF Special Award
Anyone can be nominated for this award and anyone can win! We're so lucky in the world of rural touring to have so many individuals and organisations that work so hard to bring top quality live arts to communities across the UK.

This award will be won by a person or a company who have made a huge contribution to the health and vitality of our sector. It's about dedication to the cause well beyond the call of duty. It could be for long service. But it could also be for someone just starting out in rural touring, who has launched themselves into it with passion and professionalism and already made a vibrant contribution.

Whatever it is, it's for something special, which is why it's called the NRTF Special Award.

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