Professional Development Opportunities

NRTF provides small grants to enable touring scheme members to go and see new work, spend time with another touring scheme, and to join up with other schemes to discuss development projects.

NRTF has the following CPD grants available for Touring Scheme members:

• Go and See Grants - £200: (Priority will be given to those wishing to move in a new direction in their programming.)

• Mentoring / Placement grants:  £200 (Priority will be given to new schemes, new workers or to schemes exploring new ideas.)

In addition members can apply for the following:

  •  Organisational resilience grants
  • Regional meeting grants – to discuss regional ideas, issues and potential programming
  • Common Interest / Project or Programme Planning and Development Grant
  • Edinburgh Village Hall

Further details on how to apply can be downloaded to the right.

For more information please contact the NRTF office on 

 01904 466527 or by email