Contact Theatre: Jackie Hagan Rural Tour, March to May 2015: ‘Some People Have Too Many Legs’

NRTF is delighted to announce the commencement of Jackie Hagan’s new show, ‘Some People Have Too Many Legs‘. A product of the NRTF and Contact Theatre Relationship that started in 2012 with a 70 date tour by Maxwell Golden’s show, ‘A Countryboy’s Struggle’ Jackie’s show details a very different kind of experience, abeit one with just as many resonances for young people, its immediate target audience.

NRTF has supported the development of the show, along with Beaford Arts in Devon and Take Art in Somerset, through dramaturgical support and a residency in Devon before Christmas 2014. It has been an interesting journey for Jackie, to say the least, and Contact Theatre have provided a crucial continuity of support throughout. We are finally at the point where the audience gets to see the fruits of all the combined efforts.

We wish the best of luck to rural touring schemes that have booked the show so far and we know that Jackie is keen to tour into the autumn 2015 and beyond.

There has been a variety of press interest in the show and for further information please follow the following links:

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BBC Ouch – Talk Show

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You can follow Jackie Hagan on Twitter.

Tour dates can be found on the Contact website The page lists all current tour dates (including booking info), show info, photos, video etc.

For further information please contact the NRTF office or Ralph Lister, Development Director, NRTF