Artsreach help the Landmark Trust celebrate their 50th Anniversary with LAND by Antony Gormley

In celebration of the Landmark Trust’s 50th Anniversary, Clavell Tower in Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset is one of only five special Landmark Trust sites across Britain selected to host ‘LAND’, a temporary installation by sculptor Antony Gormley. Over a special Golden Weekend of celebration in May, choirs and musicians at 25 Landmark Trust sites across Britain performed a new composition by musician Kerry Andrew in a shared ‘Golden Moment’.

Kimmeridge Landmark – Antony Gormley (c) Roland Tarr

At Kimmeridge, Sammy Hurden led the locally based Freedance Choir in performing their interpretation of this Anthem, and other works in response to the dramatic coastline of this area. The Ridgeway Singers & Band also performed pieces of local significance, and all events on the day were coordinated by Artsreach.

Procession from Clavell Tower (c) Roland Tarr

Take a look at this stunning compliation of photographs from the day, overlaid with the Freedance Choir performing ‘An Anthem for Landmark’.