Applause Outdoors 2016

Applause Rural Touring have launched Applause Outdoors 2016, bringing interactive family-friendly performances for outdoor events and festivals:

Applause Outdoors is offering six professional, contemporary arts performances to outdoor community events, fetes and festivals across Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex in 2016.

Three companies have been given development awards to build exciting, interactive performances, especially for outdoor events of this nature.

The companies and shows are:

Beautiful Creatures Theatre: OCTO-POT

A humorous and charming new walkabout performance, led by a quirky chef and his red and white checked serving trolley. Audiences will be surprised and delighted by the giant and grumpy octopus puppet as it emerges from the smoking, bubbling cooking pot, to play games, have a dance and fight an epic battle.

The Honk Project: The Dancing Day Trippers

Two eccentric vintage moped enthusiasts; a shining moped with a state-of-the-art sidecar, lots of instruments and a whole load of swing and jive are the main ingredients of The Honk Project’s latest delightful walkabout show!

Strangeface Theatre: Beached and Spaced

Using a tabletop as a puppet stage and silent disco style headphones Strangeface Theatre tell tiny tales suitable for all ages.

A co-commission from Applause and Gulbenkian bOing! International Family Festival for the development of a new family-friendly outdoor piece has been awarded to:

Acrojou: All At Sea

All at Sea is a roving performance combining interactive theatre with new technologies, melancholic humour, and the visual poetry for which Acrojou is renowned. All At Sea is an interactive ‘row-about’, consisting of a tiny wooden boat with its own fully functioning, mobile storm, complete with thunder and lightning flashes. Follow the ship’s pilot as he navigates his course all the while followed by his comically suspended cloud and continuous downpour.

We are also touring outdoor work by companies previously supported by Applause. The companies and shows are:

Dizzy O’Dare: The Giant Balloon Show

A crazy one-man show which sees the performer end up inside a giant balloon

Eric MacLennan: A Voyage Around My Bedroom

An extraordinary piece of art crossed with theatre where visitors are invited into a large Perspex cube containing a bed and are guided on a mini voyage around the room in the manner of a grand explorer.

Full details about the performances can be found in the Applause Outdoors Menu that you can download from the Applause website.