Creative donation box commission

A commission to create creative donation boxes for Arts Alive and Highlights.

Two rural touring schemes in receipt of an award from the Arts Council Catalyst: Evolve fund. Arts Alive and Highlights are able to double any public donation from September 16 – August 19.

One of the strands of the bid is creating donation boxes to have at live events that are fun and appealing.

We are seeking to commission a design for donation boxes that are

  • Arts Alive/Highlights branded
  • Quirky or stylish
  • Distinctive and individual – reflecting the creative side of the organisations
  • Postable (light and able to be flat packed)
  • Have a slot for small envelopes
  • Robust enough to last a few postings and three years’ service
  • Reflect the range and quality of our work

There will also be a designed, printed envelope for contributions as part of this brief. We envisage producing a minimum of 25 boxes for each scheme, and 3k envelopes, with the same design but different branding. Schemes will provide the copy for the envelopes and boxes. There is total design and production budget for boxes and envelopes of £3000.

Designers are invited to submit their ideas and costs. We will select and support three proposals with £100 to be developed further before choosing one to be produced. Deadline for initial proposals is October 10th 2016 and we will contact a shortlist of 3 by Oct 17th.

We aim to have the boxes in use at events by December 1st.

Please email your proposals to by Oct 10th

For more information contact Arts Alive, Blue Barn, Green Lane, Churchstoke, SY156EN or T: 01588 620883 option 1