Call Out to Artists for Applause Rural Touring Outdoors Commissions

Applause Rural Touring Outdoors Season 2019

Applications are now open for Applause Rural Touring Outdoors scheme in 2019.

In summer 2019, Applause Rural Touring will be programming outdoor performances into existing, locally organised village fetes, community events and Festivals in Kent and Sussex. These events take place almost exclusively at weekends from May to September.

We are looking to commission companies / artists with an established interest and track record of working outdoors and interactively who would like to be part of this programme.

We are looking for work that entertains and engages a diverse audience. Your show will need to be self-sufficient (i.e. not require technical or other support / involvement by the host organisation) and be able to be accessed by non-age specific audiences. They can be walk about or static productions but they are intended to suit a range of time frames (i.e. does not require the audience to arrive at a certain time and remain for a set amount of time). You will be expected to perform up to three times in a day and your show should be no longer than 30mins. Please visit for more information about our current touring season.

For 2019 we are offering the following opportunities and expect to take out between 6-8 shows this season:

Commissions and Reshape/Development Awards

• *New outdoor works: commission fees up to £4000
• *Existing outdoor works that requires some reshaping/development to tour rurally: development fees between £500 – £2500

Performance dates will be booked only on satisfactory development of the piece and an agreed show fee (please see show fee guide below).

Information for Artists:

Technical Challenges
We will be placing work in a variety of community settings including events that can provide very little technical or other support – the more technical requirements you have, the fewer the possible bookings.

Your piece will have to fit around other events in the host event programmes so please consider whether you require the audience to arrive at a certain time and remain for a set amount of time. We aim to offer each artist/company between 6-12 bookings between May – September 2019 within the Applause Outdoors region. Your show should be no longer than 30 mins and we would expect you to perform 2-3 times per day.

Show Fee Guide
Touring Fees must be fully inclusive of all accommodation and travel. We expect to pay within the range of £350 – £650 per show. (For any enquiries/bookings Applause receives outside of the Applause Outdoors region (Kent, Sussex) we will discuss appropriate rates with you).

Artist / Company Administration
Artist / company administration needs to be very strong. Applause will be responsible for booking a place and date for your show but the company will then be responsible for making specific arrangements and finalising details with host venues and promoters. Many of these hosts are volunteers and have no specialist theatre knowledge – you will need to be flexible, understanding and informative.

Your show must be ready and available for touring from the end of April. You need to have very good availability for weekends throughout May to September 2019 and prioritise dates for Applause within an agreed time frame for shows in Kent and Sussex.

We will expect most of the development work to take place between November 2018 and March/April 2019. Applause will require evidence (photos and / or video) of the work undertaken and to see work in progress. Companies will be required to submit regular updates both during development and while on tour. Applause will provide support and practical advice during the development process.

Application Process
Please fill in an application form available to download from the column on the right.

Please send application forms by email to making it clear in the subject line which funding option you are applying for by 5pm Monday 10 September 2018. If you have been shortlisted, you will be notified by email by Wednesday 19 September. We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal, however, we regret we are unable to provide feedback to non-shortlisted applicants.