Artsreach Celebrates Film Premiere!

The team behind Dorset’s rural touring arts charity, Artsreach, are pleased to unveil their brand new short film, showcasing the valuable work they carry out countywide each year.

Since the launch of its first programme in March 1990, Artsreach has been committed to working with over 300 volunteers across Dorset to overcome the barriers of rural isolation by providing communities with access to professional arts events, firmly believing that engagement enriches quality of life.

Every year, Artsreach programmes over 150 live events, with over 11,000 audience visits in around 55 rural communities. Over £30,000 is raised each year to directly benefit village halls and community organisations through the Artsreach programme.

Funded by the Arts Council and Dorset Council, and a member of the National Rural Touring Forum, Artsreach is vital in meeting the cultural needs of rural communities in Dorset, supporting the personal, social and emotional wellbeing of a diverse range of residents of all ages.

Becky Varndell, Marketing and Development Officer for Artsreach says,

“We are really excited to be able to release this film, celebrating the breadth and depth of the work that we programme across the county of Dorset. Our brilliant filmmaker really captures the dedication of our volunteers and the spirit of community cohesion, which lies at the heart of Artsreach events. We’re tremendously grateful for the generous support we currently receive from Arts Council England and Dorset Council, as well as from individuals, Trust and Foundations and companies. Local authority and public sector funding cuts continue to pose a significant threat to the cultural activities Artsreach provides, and it is hoped that this video will reach out to people and help to sustain the scheme for years to come.”

Click on the link below to watch the new Artsreach film:

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