8 reasons to attend this years conference if you’re a promoter…

Friday, May 10, 2019

Tickets for this years NRTF conference are now on sale. We know, we know, we’ve mentioned it a thousand times already on social media, but no doubt one or two of you will have missed the news.

In the past, we’ve alternated every other year between a conference and a showcase, but this year we’re combining the two to give you the chance to see work that you may wish to programme in the future as well as the space to catch up with peers, colleagues and sector news.
If you’re a promoter and you’ve never been to one of our conferences or showcases before and are worried that the conference might not be for you, then we’re here to assure you it is, so without further ado here are 8 reasons you should attend this year’s conference as a promoter.

1. It’s a place to meet other promoters from across the country…
Being a promoter is a busy job, and chances are most of the time you’re so focussed on your next event, that other than at menu launch parties (if your scheme has them) you have very few opportunities to meet other promoters. The conference is an excellent opportunity to meet other like-minded people from across the country. A chance to support and bounce ideas off one another, and invaluable headspace for thinking about promoting as a whole. Meeting people in the same boat as you can really recharge the batteries, and helps you build your own support network.

2. You’ll be provoked to think differently…
With meeting lots of new people, comes lots of new ideas. Whether it’s a fellow promoter suggesting new ways of advertising your event or one of our fantastic showcases that lets you see the world in a slightly different way, the conference is a chance to be provoked. We all know that promoting and audiences are forever changing, and our thinking should be too.

3. It’s a reminder that what we all do matters…
When you’re in the thick of it, trying your hardest to sell tickets, and work out the logistics of putting on an event it can be easy to forget why we all do what we do. But leaving your home turf and surrounding yourself with like-minded people, seeing new shows, and hearing about what rural touring beyond your area is doing, is just the reminder we all need, that what we do, matters.

4. It’s a chance to raise concerns, challenges, and find solutions together…
It’s not always smooth sailing, and you may have some concerns about rural touring, upcoming shows, or the national picture. This is where the conference side of this event comes in. We want to share with you, but we also want to hear from you. Our ‘Big Conversations’ will address some critical areas of concerns you may have and there will be plenty of time to have big conversations of your own.

5. You’ll get to see shows you might want to programme in the future – and ones you may never have considered…
When it comes to booking shows you want to be confident you’re bringing the very best to your venue, and the best way to do that is to see the work for yourself beforehand. This year we’ve listened to your feedback from previous showcases and programmed a fantastic range of work, that is either already rural touring ready or is in the process of being made. There will also be a range of work that you may have never considered before. We always want to be bringing the best new artists and work into the sector, and we know you do too.

6. There’s a session specifically about developing partnerships and audiences…
Worried that the conference will be aimed solely at schemes? It won’t be. Every session will have something valuable for promoters in it. Whether that’s our CONCERTA session all about our national social impact study, or one of our big conversations, there will be key learning and conversation points for everyone. And on top of that, we have a session specifically for promoters, by promoters, all about building partnerships and developing your audiences – something we know is never far from any promoters mind!

7. It’s a chance to hear about national projects and future opportunities…
A lot is going on in the world of rural touring. From the Rural Touring Dance Initiative to Applauses Outdoor project. The conference is a great chance to hear about new projects and opportunities that may come your way and the all-important learning that has come from them. 

8. The National Rural Touring Awards…
And of course, we couldn’t write a blog post about the conference without mentioning the annual National Rural Touring Awards. You’ve been nominating the shows, artists, projects and people that deserve national recognition, and the award ceremony will take place on the second night of the conference. A chance not only to celebrate our award nominees and winners but the work that we all do to make sure rural communities have the same access to art as their urban counterparts. We’ll raise a drink to that!

And that’s it, 8 reasons you should attend this years conference/showcase if you’re a promoter. We’re sure we’ve missed some, so if you’ve previously attended an NRTF conference, let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, what was the best thing you go out of it. And if you haven’t already, be sure to book your conference tickets here: http://2qsr4y.attendify.io/ by scrolling to the bottom of the page, and completing the information required.

Rural Touring Dance Initiative announces call out for artists

  • The consortium seeking to bring more dance to rural venues is on the lookout for artists to take part in its next phase
  • The project is supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring programme and an award from Arts Council Wales
  • The RTDI is keen to maintain a diverse programme and is interested in hearing from BAMER, disabled artists and those creating work suitable for children and families in particular

Application deadline: 12 noon, Thursday 5 th September 2019

The Rural Touring Dance Initiative (RTDI), a partnership between The Place, Take Art the National Rural Touring Forum and China Plate has launched a call out for dance artists to tour their work to rural
spaces across the UK. The project is made possible by a second major award from Arts Council England Strategic Touring program and an award from Arts Council Wales.

The project, which has previously supported artists including Lost Dog, Protein, Joan Cleville, Uchenna Dance and bgroup, is an opportunity to tour existing work to rural locations. In addition to guaranteed show fees there is a limited number of bursaries averaging £1200 for artists with existing shows to adapt shows for rural touring. Companies who have toured with the RTDI have averaged 7 supported shows with fees varying from £850 to £1400 depending on scale and cost. There is also a paid for residential workshop exploring touring dance to
rural locations to prepare artists for the experience.

The RTDI is keen to maintain a diverse programme and welcomes applications from disabled and BAMER artists. And in addition to its usual program for adult audiences is invested in touring work suitable for children and families.

The deadline for applications is midday on Thursday 5 Sep 2019. Artists will be notified that they have been selected for the 2020/21 menu the week commencing 7 Oct 2019, followed by a Practical Introduction to Rural Touring for Contemporary Dance Lab 13 – 15 November 2019 in Dorset.

For the RTDI, Project manager Claire Smith said “The RTDI is going from strength to strength –dance is being repeat programmed by promoters who would not have thought about promoting dance a few years ago
and audiences are loving it  – so apply and get involved ! “  

Find out how to apply here: https://www.theplace.org.uk/rural-dance-touring-initiative-call-out-artists

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