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Artist’s FAQ (COVID Edition): What Do Schemes Need To Know?

Going forward, and especially in the next 18 months, the way we all approach touring and the information we will need is going to be different. We advise you to update your tour packs to make sure you’re including as much of this information as possible, for both long and short term tour plans.

  • Where you are based, and how far will you be travelling?

Many schemes, especially the ones who are looking at programming events are likely to be looking to work with more local artists, so make sure your closest scheme is aware of you. Make sure you include if you were already in conversation with them, where you are based, and how far you would be travelling to get to them. If you have other tour dates in other areas then please also let schemes know about these dates. We’re aware of how much travelling people are doing, how many people we have come in to contact with, and what the danger of moving around lots might be. Schemes and promoters will want to know this information so they can make an informed decision.

  • Your accommodation needs/touring radius from home

Even if schemes are planning to book tours this Autumn, it is unlikely promoters will be offering homestays any time soon. As we all know the hospitality sector has been hit hard by the crisis, and we don’t know what that will mean for hotels and other guest accommodation across the UK. 

And most importantly we want you to feel safe and comfortable when you’re on tour too, so it is worth setting yourself a touring radius and specifying any accommodation needs. How far are you willing to travel in one day? For example, if you were to go home every evening? Or if suitable accommodation can’t be found nearby.  If you’re touring as a group and isolating together for the tour how much room do you need to be comfortable and support the mental health of everyone on tour?

  • How quickly can you be on tour?

We all now know how quickly things can change, so its good to let schemes know if your show can be on the road straight away, or if you need a specific amount of time to get prepared. For example, if you’re a band who have been touring together previously, it’s likely you could take a gig nearby at a drop of a hat, whereas a theatre production might need time to cast and rehearse.

  • How self-contained are you?

Are you a company or a band that lives and works together? Are you a group that could isolate together for two weeks before you begin the tour? Or are you putting together a cast of people from all across the country? Schemes and promoters will want to know this so that they can assess how comfortable they are with touring your show into their communities. Transparency and information is the key to making touring safe.

  • How many people are on the road

Similar to the above, now more than ever we need to know exactly how many people are on the road. This includes artists, technicians or stage managers, and anyone else who may be joining you (eg family members who aren’t actually part of the performance). 

  • How flexible can you be?

If a date had to be cancelled at short notice what are your terms? Could you reschedule for a week later or would you need to ensure a fee was paid?

This is going to be tricky waters for everyone going forward, and everyone is looking at their contracts and cancellation clauses, if you’re planning a tour in the next 18 months you need to be thinking about how you make that viable.

  • Have you thought about how social distancing measure might affect your show and how they can be built in?

Currently, there are different restrictions in place for different types of performances. Make sure you are up to date with what rules are in place and how they might affect your show. The key one is obviously how much space will you need to make sure everyone on stage is at the appropriate distance from one another (if applicable) and the audience? Other things to think about is how will your get-in be affected, do you have your own risk assessment done? Is there anything else you will need to know from venues ahead of touring.

  • Have you got other creative ideas for making your show work within the new rules?

Schemes and promoters are open to new creative ideas and ways of working. If you’ve ideas for how your show can work within the new guidelines, make sure you share them.  


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