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Artists FAQ (COVID Edition): When should I be contacting schemes about touring beyond Autumn 2020?

Now, but make sure we have all the information we need and be aware that 2020 is having a knock-on effect into 2021. Many shows which were due to happen this year have been rescheduled for future seasons – some schemes have the capacity and the funding to be able to have bigger future seasons to incorporate new programming alongside rescheduled programming but not all schemes. It’s also worth remembering that some tours which were due to happen in future seasons or were originally rescheduled for Autumn 2020, and are now looking at Spring 21 may not be able to happen so there is still the opportunity for new work to be included in programmes. Again arming schemes with as much information as possible about your work in one concise place will help them make decisions if another show falls through and they need replacements etc.


Artist's FAQ (COVID Edition): What Do Schemes Need To Know? - NRTF

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