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Originally (at a carnival, etc.): a showperson's touting speech, or a performance advertising a show. Hence (as mass noun): bombastic nonsense; extravagant or brash publicity; noisy fuss.

Roll, up, roll up and ballyhoo at the NRTF Conference 2024! Ballyhoos are NRTF's own brand of mini-showcase.


We provide an audience, an exciting performance space and a microphone and you provide the rest! We invite you to make a bombastic speech or performance, touting a project to NRTF Members.

Following your Ballyhoo, delegates will ask you questions about your the work you're pitching and how it might work in their venues.

NRTF Conference.png


4 successful applicants will be invited to present their work at the NRTF Conference in Blackpool

A 20 min 'elevator pitch' of work you are excited to share with NRTF Conference Delegates in the hope that they will programme your work

Inspiring spaces across Blackpool

12, 13, 14 June 2024

NRTF offers a fee of £150 plus a Conference Day ticket, 1 night of accommodation at the Conference hotel and travel allowance. We have an access budget should you require support to attend the Conference.

Three things to consider when deciding if a Ballyhoo is the right way to showcase your work:

  1. You have researched what it is to rural tour: Are You New To Rural Touring?

  2. Your show will be ready to be programmed into rural touring seasons Spring 25, Autumn 25

  3. You have a solid idea in terms of space, tech, length, wrap-around for the presentation - Delegates will have questions for you following your pitch so you'll need to have a good sense of how this will make sense in rural venues.

If you're unsure if a ballyhoo is right for you, please feel free to contact Beth (NRTF Conference Manager) on

Successful applicants will be sent a Ballyhoo Performance Guide and be invited to a 60 min online session prior to the Conference.

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