NRTF will be presenting a Digital Conference for the sector in October – date TBA

New Date Confirmation for Live Conference – Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 June 2021

It wasn’t an easy decision to change the date, but with uncertainty and a duty of care for all those involved at the forefront, NRTF took the decision to postpone till 2021 for a live in-person conference.

The rationale behind postponement – (posted March 2020)

  1. The conference was booked for 16 – 18 June, which is approximately 1 week after the UK Government predicted a peak in the Coronavirus Pandemic
  2. NRTF had a duty of care for delegates, artists and speakers attending. Delegates stay in the same place for 3 days and this might pose a risk due to prolonged close proximity
  3. During the conference, we have times when up to 200 people are in the same room together, so this is likely to be classed as a large event (mass gathering)
  4. NRTF conference is a national event, which would involve 200 people travelling across half the country, some by public transport
  5. NRTF felt it would be unfair to start contracting artists and speakers when there was a chance it would be cancelled due to its size
  6. NRTF, as a charity with minimal reserves, would stand to lose greater funds the closer it got to the conference if it was to be cancelled. Planning, as usual, is a high-risk strategy for NRTF.
  7. We wanted to start planning for ‘Plan B’ ASAP and ensure we can postpone to the same venue with a new date before it was all booked up

The National Rural Touring Forum conference is a mix of conference sessions and showcasing. It is a conference for Schemes, Promoters, cultural organisations, rural industry and Artists

Graphic Artist in response to CONCERTA session 2019 –

2020 Conference details

Day 1, starts 12noon
Day 2, conference and Rural Touring Award Ceremony
Day 3, finishes at 2pm

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Ticket TypeMembersNon Members
3-day ticket£328.00£400.00
2-day ticket – includes awards£255.00£320.00
Middle day & awards – 22 Sept Only£170.00£250.00
half day – 21 or 23 Sept Only£115.00£165.00

Non-member tickets on sale 1st April 2020

About the Conference

The conference is a chance for the Rural Touring and Arts sector to get together via talks, speakers, networking, and performance showcasing. The delegates get to disseminate resources and learn together.

Every time our conference happens the sector goes back enthused, encouraged, and stronger. It is a place to meet like-minded fellow practitioners, generate partnerships, and project development.


“Loved it all they got it spot on!”

“These conferences are always great, inspiring and refreshing. It was one of the best ever, despite the horrendously long, hot”

“My first visit to the conference incredible people ‘doing and sharing’ with such passion and knowledge. Best conference I have been to here professional and non
professional programmers are on an equal footing, so inspiring a glimpse of how the world should be”

Guiding Principles

NRTF aspires to be bold in the following areas:

  • High-quality professional arts experiences suited to local needs and interests
  • Fair partnerships between communities, organisations, artists and public bodies
  • Creative diversity in artistic programming and among our audiences
  • Creative innovation in arts practice, management, and policy
  • Maintaining and developing our unique relationship with thousands of community volunteers
  • Developing an appropriate mindset for NRTF’s role as a strategic and national leader.

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Conference 2020

September 21 – 23, 2020

Palace Hotel, Buxton, Derbyshire


Conference 2019 details

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