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Here are some short explanations of some of the terms we use on this website and in Rural Touring meetings.

If there are any others you need, please let us know!


What is a Rural Touring scheme?

Schemes, along with their promoters, programme each season and over see all the marketing and logistics that go on with any live arts event. They put together professionally curated programmes of events. They coordinate with artists to make sure that their shows technically fit in their venues.
Schemes take different shapes and sizes and often run other projects alongside their rural touring. But at the heart of them they are ensuring rural areas and audiences have access to high quality professional arts.


What is a scheme menu?

Rural touring schemes work in partnership with venues and promoters to programme their seasons. This process begins with their menus. Schemes put together a menu of shows/artists for their promoters to choose from. These menus are curated by the scheme programmers so that they can offer a balance of art forms and ensure the quality of the work.


What is a Rural Touring promoter?

They are the ones who choose which shows they want to come to their venue. They are the ones who know and develop their audiences. They are the marketing department, and the box office. They are the programmer for their venue and the technical team. They are often also the bar staff, front of house and the fundraisers. They’re not always just one person, but they are usually volunteers who do all of this, not because it is their job as an arts professional but because they are passionate about making things happen in their rural communities.

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