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Juwon Ogungbe is an inspiring and well respected musician, singer and composer from London. Placing African music at the heart of his work, Juwon also incorporates opera and classical music into his expressive range. Juwon has composed commissioned works for London’s Southbank Centre (as part of the Africa 05 Festival) and for theatre productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, BBC Radio Drama, Greenwich and Docklands Festival and for the New York based Theatre for a New Audience, amongst many others. His theatre music directing career includes work done for the Royal Court Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Royal National Theatre. In 2018, Juwon started composing an opera, which was presented as a work in progress at Opera North and the Grimeborn Opera Festival. He also started work on a music theatre piece which was presented at the Dhow Countries Music Academy, Zanzibar. Apart from this, he composed and performed Afonja’s Minstrel; A Troubadour’s Tale – a new concert theatre piece, at Longfield Hall, London. Juwon’s recorded output includes an album – Life Force Music, two singles released in 2017 and collaborations with The London Lucumi Choir. He has toured to several film festivals in the UK, performing his own music with two African silent movies from the colonial era. Ogungbe recently curated Ignatius Inspires - a season of creative work that used as a stimulus the output of Ignatius Sancho – the first Black composer to ever have his music published. More details about Juwon Ogungbe can be found on his websites at and

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