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I'm an independent producer based in the West Midlands. I am also executive producer at Fierce Festival, a co-director of PILOT Nights and sit on Arts Council England's Midland Area Council. Relevant to NRTF: I work with artist Francesca Millican-Slater who has undertaken extensive rural touring with Me, Myself and Miss Gibbs, My Dearest Girls, and The Forensics of a Flat (and Other Stories)​. I have also toured work by Centric (A World Beyond Man, Giants on the Hill) to rural networks nationally. In 2018 I produced The Dancing Club, which toured across rural communities and venues.

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Pippa Frith @Pippa_Frith

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Pippa Frith @Pippa_Frith

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Pippa Frith @Pippa_Frith

Because 2020 wasn't already bad enough. RIP 


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