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Sam Nixon and Alasdair Carson- Sheard Alasdair: We met doing a show for Lorraine Bowen called "Polyester Fiesta" where we were modelling, singing, dancing and praising polyester! Sam and I just hit it off, realising we had a shared love of musicals and theatre. She very obviously needed a new gay chum for style tips and witty one liners... Sam: What he Said! What inspired you to start writing and acting? Alasdair: In terms of acting, I was inspired by going to see as much theatre as possible and I found that I had a real connection to acting. I was really lucky growing up because we had a local theatre with lots of amateur dramatic societies and really loved going to Glasgow to see all the big shows that toured there. And of course, all the musicals on BBC2 on Saturday afternoons when I was growing up! As far as writing goes, I tinkered with writing as a hobby for quite some time but it wasn't till I met Sam (and our shared love of Julie Andrews) that I found a subject that I could really get my teeth into. Sam: I’ve always loved theatre and practically grew up either at the RSC in Stratford or in our local cinema. I joined a youth theatre group and it went from there. ‘Practically Perfect’ our Julie Andrews play came out of ‘Polyester Fiesta on tour’. We were on the plane back from Glasgow and gassed on for hours about how much we both loved her, to the exclusion of all others in our party. So a beautiful partnership was born!

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Blighty,Broadway&Beyond! @ginpalaceprods

RT @SamMarsdenDrama : During my 11 years of teaching drama I've seen kids go from: - Shy to confident. - Afraid to brave. - Blocked to…

Blighty,Broadway&Beyond! @ginpalaceprods

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