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About Established in 1989, Corali Dance Company is a registered charity based in Lambeth, in South London. By using dance as a tool and skills base to gain independence, confidence and control over their lives Corali helps reduce isolation and creates important social and health benefits for people with a learning disability. Corali has a core company of performers who have a learning disability that are role models for others and positively raise aspirations. This also extends the overall understanding and awareness of learning disability. ‘Your offer is invaluable, by using your dancers as examples we are able to talk about what can be achieved’ Stuart Murdoch, Course Leader, Bromley College. Corali shares our work widely through our youth engagement and outreach programme. This enables the wider community of people with a learning disability to express themselves and understand the benefits of creative work, as well as nurturing the next generation of artists with a learning disability. ‘We salute Corali for being in [our son’s] life and for sharing their “gift” with so many young people so they too may shine… ’ Parent of a Corali youth company member. Corali also works towards positively affecting societal attitudes by presenting high quality public profile opportunities and performances. Jude Kelly OBE, Artistic Director Southbank Centre, ‘I respect their work a lot.’

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Thanks for profiling our film 'Find Your Way' for your first Film Friday#bethlemff  Really fun to chat to… 

Corali Dance Company @CoraliDanceComp

Sounds like a good start to the weekend! 

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We can dance together from a distance -#creativeideas 


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