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Mumbo-Jumbo are a trio of experienced singer songwriters, regulars on the Rural Touring Circuit and have worked with Live &Local, Live Borders, Take Art, Night Out Wales, Creative Arts East, Arts Out West, Highlights North and Rural Arts Wiltshire over the last four years.
Featuring 90% original music and lots of laughter and participation the show is both funny and thoughtful. Their latest show is 'No Hit Wonders! Songs and Laughter from three singer-songwriters who still haven’t quite hit the Big Time'. It features the song that nearly made it to the Eurovision Song Contest …….. but didn’t, the song written for the Mavericks ……. but in the end they didn’t record it, the two nominations in the British Blues Awards ……..but yet to win one ….. and now four new Christmas singles that are yet to set the seasonal airwaves on fire.
Their latest tilt at the big time is a song commissioned by the organisers of VEDay75 .... now cancelled through Covid 19!

In fact Oliver, Chris & Phil, the members of singer/songwriting trio Mumbo-Jumbo, have been individually and now collectively on the edge of the big time for over 40 years each. Writing, performing, touring and entertaining crowds all their lives, our three heroes bring all that experience and fun to their new rural touring show. There is also a Christmas themed version called 'Claustrophobic Tinselitis' only available for booking in December.

“If you are looking for an uplifting evening that combines excellent music, witty banter and audience participation, Mumbo Jumbo will not disappoint! From the moment the band came on stage with a big cheerful hello it was clear that this was going to be an enjoyable evening. Throughout the night they took the mood effortlessly from the levity of ‘Bald Spot’ to the poignancy of ‘Those Frail Few’ and back again.” Live & Local Promoter, Nottinghamshire

“A brilliant evening! Thank you. Lots of happy folk leaving our village hall last night. One of the things that made me especially happy last night is we had one lovely lady in the audience who has dementia. She had a ball! The smile on her face at the end was a picture!” Air in G Promoter, Gloucestershire “

I really enjoyed the gig on Friday - it was so well-suited to the space and the feedback I was received was excellent” Kate Lynch, Co-Director Highlights North

“The musicianship is unsurpassable, and the songwriting is excellent.” Blues in Britain magazine

"The hugely entertaining Mumbo-Jumbo have that rare knack of making you their best friend as soon as they hit a note. We got uke, accordion, trumpet, kazoo and beatbox alongside some terrific guitar, piano and smart vocal harmonies. These guys do everything from boogie to mad singalong via tex-mex and Tom Waits. Everyone fell in love with their ‘Bald Spot’ and everything else.” John ‘The Hat’ Mann – Music Blogger and Radio Presenter

With more than 65 village hall performances over the last four years of their previous show ‘Troubadours & Raconteurs’, working with nine RT schemes, Mumbo-Jumbo have evolved this new show especially for the unique and very lovely village hall environment. Touring with an excellent sound and lighting show (and engineer) to support the music and relaxed stage style, Mumbo-Jumbo are ideal for village hall audiences - they bring all their kit, don't need much space and eat anything!

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