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The Theatre Orchard is a new NPO. Theatre Orchard has a network of Peculiar Places, which are a range of villages halls/pubs/NT venues/Churches/empty shops etc, wher they present performances We present work of different scales, sourced locally and internationally, consistent in a commitment to creating a connection with people and place. Whether it’s ballet on the pier, circus on the streets, pint-sized performance in a pub or theatre in an empty shop, Theatre Orchard enables diverse stories to be told in inspirational settings. As well as providing great nights out, we provide opportunities for local people to get stuck in. Why not volunteer with Theatre Orchard and help shape and deliver North Somerset’s performing arts programme? Or take part in a community project – find your voice, develop new skills and share your skills with us. We are equally committed to supporting locally based artists to thrive by providing ongoing advice, regular creative kitchens and an annual mentoring scheme ‘Shoplifting’ in association with Living Spit. Theatre Orchard partners with many individuals and companies on its journey to transform North Somerset into a region that is an increasingly dynamic, playful and stimulating place to live, work and visit.

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RT @superwestonmare : The W's are up! Come see us on the 31st January in the sovereign centre food court for Weston Wishes and some Weston W…

Theatre Orchard @TheatreOrchard

Whoa! It's back! Our co-production of Horses! Horses! with @wassailtheatre  is about to gallop into a pub near you… 

Theatre Orchard @TheatreOrchard

 @superwestonmare  @thestableweston  @westonmuseum  @westoncollege  OOH, yes. We have a lot in common with that person 😍


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