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The Heroine Chronicles is a female-lead theatrical creative learning company, founded in 2018 by Callie Nestleroth and Clare McCall. We create energetic and colorful productions and interactive workshops with audience experience at the forefront. We make new work and adaptations in which real and fictional worlds collide; recontextualizing female narratives in our contemporary society, often set in non-traditional spaces. Our Audiences get a holistic and embodied experience that challenge how you engage with yourself and others.

Through all the work we do, our objectives are to:

Offer active, accessible theatrical experiences
Work from different perspectives
Provide alternative methods of advanced educational engagement
Link the tools and missions of theatre, libraries, museums, and schools
Create theatre for non-theatre spaces
Give students agency over their own learning
Create community through creativity and a shared love of exploring

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The Heroine Chronicles @projectheroine

RT @UpperNorLibHub : Couldn’t agree more#lovelibraries 

The Heroine Chronicles @projectheroine

RT @ClareMcCall_ : Reading a lot more this lockdown. Current reads are#AnAmericanMarriage  &#WhereTheCrawdadsSing  - both excellent and unpu…

The Heroine Chronicles @projectheroine

RT @Csvich : Theatre ppl: pls stop saying "when we are back." We're here. And lots of us are making things. Against all odds.


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