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In the last 16 years, Chris has performed over 4000 shows to over half a million people in circus, theatre, festivals and schools. Chris usually performs as Mr Holloway, a classic silent character in the style of Mr Bean, Chaplin’s tramp, Stan Laurel and Norman Wisdom. He mainly works with his theatre in education company MOMO Theatre. But he has also been the solo outdoor entertainer at Legoland Windsor, he was the first clown at Gifford’s Circus and is now concentrating on developing work for theatre audiences. Having been a teenager interested in all things vintage, he watched hours of old comedy films. The world of visual gags gave him an outlet for his natural clumsiness and together with his lack of height he was a big shoe in for a life of clowning. He is fascinated by the craft of visual comedy performers in all their forms from the traditional red nose circus clown to the modern animated characters of Pixar.

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Chris Michael @newslapstick

 @Ed_Miliband  I'm worried that this performance comes across as self-indulgent and ranty undermining the work that S… 

Chris Michael @newslapstick

 @NathanPGrassi  @LauraDern  Significantly preferable. Or as Goldblum might say, so hmm hmm hmm advisable.


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