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Mixed Art Forma / Physical Theatre / Sites Specific / Dance / Street Arts / Gig


After working as a contemporary balletdancer at Introdance, the Netherlands Dance Theatre and as a freelancer, I switched my focus to combining dance with merely acting, mimetheatre and puppetry, and creating multidisciplinary performances and acts for different locations with and for different people, groups and audiences. Beside that I'm a dramaturg and I teach dance-theatre, ballet, contemporary dance, puppetry and yoga/pilatus work-outs.

* Applying different disciplines of performance arts to express my view on life in performance.
* Helping others to express themselves by means of different disciplines of performance arts.
* Teaching dance, ballet, physical theatre, puppetry, yoga and all kinds of physical work-outs to help people feel better in their skin and life.
* Bringing in the magic.

Disciplines: dramaturgy, text-, dance-, mime- and puppet theatre. 

Specialties: Creating short site specific performances. Dance and puppetry. Directing. Dance-dramaturgy. Teaching physical-theatre, ballet and puppetry.


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