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David Mynne. Born, in 1949, with a big smile. I looked like Charlie Drake (Google him!). I was about 4 years old and my dad made me a car. Yes, he really did make it! I went to school, failed french O-level and went to art college. The 70s arrived and I was hairy. I worked for Tesco as a signwriter; hair and all. I took up old style graphic design: paper, pens, knives and glue - none of your computer nonsense - that came later! Kneehigh began and I was there from the beginning. I have worked with the company - as a performer, maker and graphic designer - on and off for the last 30 or so years. There I am playing an old man waving a gun around. There is no more hair. Now I have a bus pass. In 2013, with my pension fast approaching, I decided to create a solo show and Great Expectations came about. Working with director Simon Harvey I developed a style of story-telling that is exciting, accessible and easy to tour. Have a look...


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