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Akiko Ono ( Choreogapher ,Dancer) Choreographer member in One Dance UK
Akiko is an international Japanese choreographer who has performed and made work in Tokyo, NYC and London and artist director in Akiko Dance Project .
She trained at Laban Center Professional Dance Diploma Course in London and NY State University of Brockport with MA (Master of Art) in Dance.
Her interest for movements started since she was a child.She was so active that her parents called her a romping girl ! Her interest in movements drove her to pursue movement theory in Laban Institute both London and NYC.
She worked with choreographers such as Mark Morris, Kirsty Simson.
Kirsty’s Aikido movement influenced her dance style which has the flow of "Ki" energy in Taichi and Baguazhang.
Her dance film " Cell Phone Dance" was nominated at Dance film Festival in Buenos Aires and has been an archive in New York Performing Arts Library.
In 2014, she worked with British dancers for " Okuni "(Kabuki dancer) performed at The Place in London and Other Theater in Briton, funding by Great Britain SASAGAWA Foundation.
She has collaborated sculptures for a couple of years ,and in this piece she creates dance with sculptures which could be modified the shape by external action.This project is supported by Nakagawa Special Steel INC in Tokyo.

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Akiko Dance Project @akikodance

セクシーな自分?を戒める。古風な女性像。 女性の人生の段階、自立、出産、母性、死の中で起こる葛藤「戒め」vs「自由」がテーマです。 Falling Angel 振付 ジリ キリアン ネザーランドダンスシアター 曲 Steve R… 

Akiko Dance Project @akikodance

このベッド🛌はよく弾むようで、妻が夫を弾ませてますが、力関係がわかります この作品は キリアンの「バースデー」 ネザーランドダンスシアターです。 天才モーツアルトの曲に仮面舞踏会だけでなく貴族の気狂いじみた生活を意味深く表現。… 

Akiko Dance Project @akikodance

ジャンルを超えたダンスのダンスフィルム💓アニメダンスダンサー&バレエダンサー &コンテンポラリーダンサー が一緒に踊るシーン😳 このシーンは特にコンテとアニメダンスといったほうがいいかな? 全く違うダンスですがうまくとけこんで… 


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