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Clair/Obscur is a theatre collective based in the Weald of Kent. Our focus is to raise awareness of the stories of remarkable women in our region. Our name derives from the term chiaroscuro, a strong, self-conscious juxtaposition of light and shade which results in a stunning visual effect in a work of art.

Our work to date includes “A Necessary Woman” (about suffragette Emily Davison’s census night protest in the House of Commons), “Best Beloved” (an audio play about Rudyard Kipling’s tragic visit to America in 1899) and “The Other Man” (inspired by real events in the life of Graham Greene) – all told from a female perspective.

Our latest work “SOE” is in development and tells the story of spy-mistress Vera Atkins search for the truth about her 12 missing women agents – chiefly Noor Inayat Khan.

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