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Nana Funk is a Theatre Maker, Cabaret and Burlesque performer who shows that being awesome transcends age.
Since 2013, Nana has been entertaining audiences all over the UK. Her creator, Angie Waller has performed all over the world since 1994.
Nana Funk brings together Burlesque, Improvisation, Clowning and Music to create her own versatile and unique style. She can also design personlised acts and songs for every occasion.
Nana is also an experienced events host. With her strong Improvisation skills she can handle any situation!

I'm currently working on a One Nana Show on a subject that is close to my heart......on getting old and how are society perceives us as we get old.
Inspired by my very close friend Pat Waller who passed away shortly after her 80th birthday the show is still in its seedling phase and is a work in progress but is gathering pace nicely. Combining song, Improvisation and getting very angry with adverts telling us to look young it endeavours to help us to defy modern culture of telling us we're too old, rather than trying to defy age! Why? Because we're worth it!
To date I have performed a Research & Development show at Unity Theatre, Liverpool to an invited audience in association with the amazing Paperwork Theatre. This was only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and The Awesome Foundation, Liverpool. I am currently on the funding path to continue the Tough Old Bird journey.

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