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Reviews “Fascinating and unique” – The Musician “Spellbinding innovative performance” – Nexus “Music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits” – European Progressive Music Emily Burridge virtuoso cellist & composer NEW PRODUCTION for touring commencing autumn 2022
“At the Turning of the World & Into the Amazon”
In this unique solo cello concert, virtuoso cellist & composer Emily Burridge with her extraordinary ability to incorporate looping technology whilst performing recreates her multi tracked rhythmic and harmonious compositions and in 2022 commences touring her new album "At the turning of the World" combined with the earlier highly acclaimed production “Into the Amazon”.
In the second half of the performance, she incorporates projected visuals featuring stunning imagery of tribal people of the Amazon forest while performing her original musical work “Into the Amazon”.
Through the vehicle of a concert, she shares her unique experience of living and working with the Xavante tribal group of Brazil, famed for their singing.

Emily Burridge engages and educates the audience with her live performance: this is not just a concert to entertain, this is a concert to inspire both young and old alike. Emily performs and talks with wit and pathos about her inspirations as a composer. Through integrating field recordings within her music of both the Xavante songs and recordings from their forest and community environment, she successfully takes the audience on a musical adventure into an Amazonian Indian village.

Emily was a featured artist at the Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow in autumn 2021. A reviewer recently wrote “Emily Burridge lifts the subtle art of cello to new dimensions with her inspirational, moody, soulful and joyous musicianship. This is cello to lift the spirit, harmonise with the emotions and take you on a journey.”

Promotional videos
Emily Burridge live COP26 edit from live stream “Into the Amazon” opening with "Dawn" & "Morning Song" (4:16)
“Sisters in the Forest” (new single release November 2021, live stream at COP26 2021 performance) (4:11)
“Andiamo” earlier composition included in 2022 live show (solo concert recording in Chartres cathedral) (5:15)

Alternative options available are two duo ensembles;
INCANDESCENDO " A Musical Kaleidoscope of Jazz, World, Folk and Classical influences"
and with the famed Pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole "duos for pedal steel guitar and cello" both of which have previous experience of rural touring through NRTF.
INCANDESCENDO – Latin grooves & dolce tunes “A Musical Kaleidoscope of World, Classical, Folk and free Jazz” Inspired by England and Brazil .
Emily with her ‘cello and looping pedals and Felix with his array of percussion instruments and guitar create a unique and dynamic sound. Their music is very much inspired by their love of people, nature, the English countryside and a special affection for Brazil where they both spent many years.
In performance using modern sampling technology they expand their compositions vertically as well as horizontally creating exciting multi-tracked pieces which spin out a web of intricate harmonies with memorable melodies and embellished by some dazzling displays of improvisation. Their concert program includes an array of completely new works for ‘cello, percussion and guitar and their arrangements of Brazilian Classical and Popular music. With their cabaret approach they promise to make you smile and maybe you’ll be driven to dance as they transport you with seductive melodies and toe tapping beats and their own mellow and melodic take on joyful Brazilian music.

Emily Burridge & the acclaimed pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole - duos for pedal steel guitar and cello .
As a duo we have previously enjoyed the experience of rural touring in Nottingham, Lincolnshire & Leicester Review “Music is not meant to be static, real music takes flight; it is an expression both within and outside time. Few musicians appreciate this as much as BJ Cole and Emily Burridge. When they perform established pieces of music they don’t just recite them; their interpretations have the all important extras: poignancy, conviction and weight”.
In working together we have created an eclectic repertoire for our concert program including a classical/jazz interpretation of Henry Purcell’s Dido, “Appalachian Spring” by Aaron Copeland, “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy. As well as arrangements of standards including ‘Cry me a River’ by Arthur Hamilton and have established a strong reputation with our unique musical interpretations . Live recordings, videos and further information available at the following link:

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