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Born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, I have been dedicated to Music, Poetry, Songwriting and Performing throughout my entire adult life. I carved a unique niche singing in Wine Bars in the late ‘70s-'80s where I discovered the ability to draw an audience into the central purpose of a song. Since then I have developed and matured into one of Britain’s most trusted concert performers, with a dedicated audience who appreciate the depth of understanding that comes from a lifetime of study. My talents as a musician have also been enriched by my work as a record producer; a wide understanding of sound not only enables me to understand the acoustic value of every venue - working with sound engineers to deliver a quality concert that is both intimate and enthralling but has also proved invaluable when producing my own Albums.
As a songwriter in my own right, I have written and released 8 Albums of my own songs and many more which feature well-chosen Poetry that I find to be both visionary and insightful: The Poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, Maya Angelou, Dylan Thomas, Kate Tempest, Kahlil Gibran, Frida Kahlo and many more. Although most of my career has been driven by a fierce sense of independence (a belief that the music and poetry I love deserves to be performed in it's own unique way; offering to audiences the opportunity to experience songs in which the words are all important), I have recently collaborated with two other creatives, namely Branwen Munn who co-produced all my recent recordings and Jenny Finch with whom I have written songs on my new Album ‘Can you Imagine’.

The concerts that I have become well known for over the past 20 years have an enduring and dedicated following. Studied Concert performances based on the music of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Yusuf - Cat Stevens and many other great writers such as Joni Mitchell and Federico Garcia Lorca.
Over the years I seem to have developed the ability to convey a certain message, to weave all the unwritten backstories into an evening of Songs, enabling audiences to reach inside every line of verses that have become the benchmark of our modern lives. Concert often end with audience members hugging me and saying how moved they felt by my devotion to the songs I have spent a lifetime getting to know intimately.

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