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This transatlantic duo delivers a dynamic, entertaining and intimate interpretation of beautiful songs. Sophie Bancroft’s voice and effortless guitar is gorgeous over Tom Lyne’s virtuoso bass. Their storytelling and musicality is presented through a carefully chosen repertoire featuring original contemporary jazz-based songs alongside reimagined classic jazz standards and covers of songs by the likes of Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones. Heralded as a ‘must see’ act at a recent Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival in New York the duo have performed at many venues and festivals around the UK, Europe and North America.

The duo recently completed a Highland tour taking their music and stories around village halls, finding the same resonance in their live audiences as they did through livestreaming. Sharing their stories in the central hubs of these communities created a significant impact on the audiences enabling people to connect with their own experiences. The tour proved to be a confirmation of the universal themes embraced by the stories and songs that the duo are writing and sharing for their performances. At a time of regrowth after the devastations of covid it feels an important time to reconnect with the simple stories of life, family, love and the immediate world around us. Sharing these stories that embrace such universal themes seems to be extremely grounding for both the performers and the audiences.

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RT @sjbancroft : Please take a look at my new Film Song 'OLD MOTHER BLACKBIRD' about a mother blackbird who worked tirelessly to feed and pr…

Tom Lyne @BassLyne

RT @burt_cdburt : Tories choosing a new leader this morning… 

Tom Lyne @BassLyne

 @ainslie7  Radio broke the live cabaret scene and sent live music into a nosedive. So yes.


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