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The History Tellers write and perform fun, family freindly shows all of an historical nature. Each History Tellers show is designed to be both entertaining and educational, plus also suitable for all ages.

The History Tellers are primarily a duo, Abs and Alex, who create the scripts, the costumes and props and perform all the characters in their high energy shows. They have been performing together since 2015, though with many years of individual experience before that time, and have developed a unique and popular style over the many shows they have performed together.

The History Tellers have been performing at Festivals, Heritage events and Museums across the UK for over 7 years becomming popular with members of the public and venues alike due to the mix of historical educational content and fun frantic delivery. Often likened to Horrible Histories the shows are designed to be fun whilst also based in fact, each show is suitable for all ages with audiences often ranging from the very young to the very old all at once.

All the History Tellers shows have an historical background to them, be it Romans, English Civil War, both World Wars and even motor racing or mountain climbing. Each year new shows are added to the roster of performances while old ones get fine tuned and developed. Some of the stories are well known while others are the footnotes of history but all are amazing true tales told in our fun and engaging style. We have many shows focusing on many aspects of History plus we have, and can, develop shows that are specific to a site, location or event.

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